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Our Mission:

We want You to feel special,  from the instant you enter our doors to extraordinary the moment You leave.



Mayra and Steve Arbizo are the owners of the Frame Salon.  For the last 15 years, Mayra has been dedicated to assisting the communities of Chino Hills and surrounding cities refresh their individual beauty. She often thought about creating a place where she would be able to develop a team of artists that felt the same desires of love for their city and surrounding communities; and could continue to service their clients in a traditional salon setting, where they could focus on their guests needs.

When we think of the customer experience, we focus on  our clients needs and desires. Listening and understanding is important to mirroring the thoughts of our clients and capturing their service expectations. However, understanding our guests needs takes a special type of stylist. Our stylists are artists who take the time to identify with their clients and promote their curiosity by asking the questions needed to fully understand their clients. The team at the Frame Salon are passionate stylists who care about their clients and are determined to ensure the ultimate guest experience.

Our Team, goes above and  beyond to ensure our  clients receive the best customer experience possible.

Nestled in beautiful Chino Hills CA, The Frame Salon is truly a reflection of the elegance of the city and the vigor of its community. Founded in 2010 the Frame has been dedicated to providing our clients with trend-setting styles that complement their elegance.  Our salon is a welcoming and hip environment that inspires and caters to its clientele. Our spacious salon has a minimalist, industrial design that is distinctly unique and modern and although it was designed for aesthetic sophistication, it has also been engineered to ensure our artists can provide optimal services through precision lighting that captures the most minute details in color and separation. Our cozy modern space has an intimate yet airy feel.

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